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Solventless Meyer Lemon Raspberry Chip Cookies

Our spring cookies are bright and fruit forward. Lemon and raspberry is a fun and refreshing flavor combination that we wanted to bring to our cookies.

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cannabis-infused mini cookies


  • European butter, sugar, all-purpose flour, liquid eggs, vegetable shortening, raspberry chips, lemon puree, lemon extract, salt, cannabis extract, baking powder, corn syrup, distilled monoglyceride, baking soda, natural enzymes, potassium sorbate, modified cellulose

Product Information

  • Solventless Meyer Lemon Raspberry Chip Cookies come in 10-piece and solo packaging
  • 10-piece bags contain TEN 10MG THC <2MG CBD solventless mini-cookies per package
  • Solo packaging contains ONE 10MG THC <2MG CBD solventless mini-cookie per package

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