About Us

Kaneh Company

Kaneh Co. is all about quality you can taste and depend on. This is why we utilize the finest ingredients and laboratory test all of our handcrafted goods by multiple labs. We are meticulous about our work because we are passionate about our products and your health.

Family Owned

Our family owned bakery specializes in California-based legal cannabis products. Kaneh Co. is made up of a close-knit group of individuals brought together by our desire to produce authentic products with integrity and pharmaceutical precision that ultimately benefit the health and lives of our consumers and providers. We produce wholesome, high-end products that don’t compromise on quality ingredients, medicinal purity or presentation.

Our mission is to bring the pure experience to cannabis edibles.

We are dedicated to bringing consistency, effectiveness, and quality to all of our products.


Our baking methods, ingredients and quality control processes are all designed to make your experience the same each time you enjoy our products. Through every stage of production, we have systems in place to ensure that every product is prepared, baked, decorated, sealed, labeled, packaged and shipped with the highest regard for quality and consistency.


We utilize premium, high purity Cannabis distillate in order to provide a potent edible with the best possible taste.


Our professional pastry team starts every product by choosing high quality ingredients typically found in fine-dining establishments. These premium ingredients, combined with our team’s dedication to their craft, show through in the taste and appearance of every product they make with love and care.