Meet Nicole: Cannabis Pastry Chef & Mama of Two Boys

You just came back from maternity leave not too long ago, how’s being back in the Kaneh kitchen with your new little guy at home?

I’ve been secretly living off sprinkles and coffee. Being a full time working mama of 2 is no joke. 

We announced our new confectionary line of products this week, which one are you most excited about?
Can I pick two!? One is too hard. 

I would say the Cherry Pistachio Dark Chocolates and the Mango Chili Fruit Jellies.

Have you been doing any holiday baking? If so, what was on the menu?
I’ve actually since been put on a baking ban by the husband because we were all going to suffer death by cookie if I didn’t stop. So far, I’ve made a pumpkin cake, 3 pies, and 5 batches of holiday cookies.  Chocolate mint and chocolate cinnamon Dulce de Leche sandwich cookies were my favorite.

Can we come over?

What’s your favorite holiday movie?
Mixed Nuts. If you’ve never seen it you should. 

You worked in restaurant kitchens before joining the Kaneh Co. team. What attracted you to the Cannabis business?
I wanted to explore pushing the boundaries of medicating and pastry.  I think that our products set the industry standard pretty high and we only have more exciting stuff to come.